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Grateful to Dr. Elez Biberaj – a voice of freedom and democracy, in crucial moments for the Albanian nation

By Harry Bajraktari Congratulations to Dr. Elez Biberaj on his retirement from the Voice of America after a great career... »

Elez Biberaj Retires from the Voice of America, after A 43-Year Career

October 30, 2023 Esteemed Friends and Colleagues, I am pleased to inform you that, after a 43-year career, I have... »

The dialogue is dead, so what’s next?

By Daniel Serwer Since before 2013 the US and EU have sponsored a “political” dialogue between Kosova and Serbia intended... »

American Albanian Law Enforcement Association (AALEA) Raises $60,000 for the Family of the Kosova Police Officer Killed in Serbian Terrorist Attack

American Albanian Law Enforcement Association (AALEA) is pleased a successful milestone in its ongoing GoFundMe campaign on behalf of the... »

Baroque Brilliance A Timeless Tale of Ornate Elegance

Metro Opera Tech, founded and run, by an Albanian-American artist is launching its World Premiere on November 3rd By Ruben... »

Those who blatantly disrespect the Human Rights Law have no place in the HRC

STATEMENT BY FERIT HOXHA Ambassador and Permanent Representative of ALBANIA to the UN Security Council Maintenance of Peace and Security... »

Community and Cancer at Center of AFC Fourth Anniversary. What was it like to be there?

Rafaela Prifti At AFC’s Fourth Anniversary dinner the impact of its work was in full display for over 200 guests... »

It’s not only about Kosova

By Daniel Serwer Serbia’s effort to destabilize Kosova so that it can claim control of its Serb-majority north should today... »

U.S. Urges Serbia To Pull Back Large Military Deployment Along Border With Kosova

The White House has urged Serbia to pull back what it said is a large military deployment from its border... »

Biden Warns International Community That Russia’s ‘Naked Aggression’ Can’t Be Appeased

U.S. President Joe Biden has warned world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly that allowing Ukraine “to be carved... »


Dear President Biden,          If there is one leader in the US who knows everything about the conflict in the... »

Highlights Ahead of Ordination of Bishop-Elect Nikodhim at Saint George’s Cathedral in Boston

Rafaela Prifti The ceremonial ordination of Bishop Elect Nikodhim will take place in the historical seat of the Albanian Archdiocese... »

Applause for Albania: Using the UN Security Council to stand up to dictators like Putin and Assad

By Dr. Moustafa Aouthmany Since taking a seat on the United Nations Security Council last year Albania has clearly and... »

Birds or Planes? As the case proceeds through Albania’s court, who are the early winners and losers of Vlora airport?

Rafaela Prifti The controversy surrounding Vlora airport has reached Albania’s court system as the efforts by the plaintiffs AOS and... »

The List Is Long: Russians Who Have Died After Running Afoul Of The Kremlin

By Steve Gutterman, RFE/RF One was a dogged reporter determined to expose corruption, malfeasance, and abuse from the halls of... »

New CD Release: ‘Thomas Simaku: SOLO’ from Ensemble intercontemporain

UYMP eagerly awaits the release of a new album from Ensemble intercontemporain on 29th September 2023, featuring five works by Thomas Simaku:... »

Do not adopt a Belgrade-centered policy for the Balkans

Open letter on the Serbia-Kosovo relations signed by parliamentary leaders in the United States and in Europe Under the attention... »

A good hearing, if the Administration were listening

By Daniel Serwer From the original: https://www.peacefare.net/2023/07/19/a-good-hearing-if-the-administration-were-listening/ The House Foreign Affairs Committee raised the alarm in a hearing yesterday about... »

The U.S. Should Stand With Kosova

Washington’s desire for Balkan stability has overtaken its support for democracy, the rule of law, and anti-corruption. By Eliot L.... »

Treasury Sanctions Official Linked to Corruption in Serbia

  WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned an individual in... »

The Legend of Albania’s Many Mountains

Naum Prifti While God was finishing up with the Earth’s creation, he soon noticed a stack of mountains sitting by... »

Bosnia High Representative Annuls Anti-Dayton Laws Passed By Serb Entity’s Assembly

SARAJEVO — Christian Schmidt, the international community’s high representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina, on July 1 annulled laws adopted by the Bosnian... »

Balanced, informative, and factual approach on Kosova and Serbia by The New York Times

The New York Times June 3, 2023 LETTER TO THE EDITOR I have studied “the problem of Kosovo” for many... »

Alpion’s Mother Theresa biography wins third place at ACP’s 2023 “Excellence in Publishing Awards”

The Association of Catholic Publishers announces winners of the 2023 “Excellence in Publishing Awards” BALTIMORE, MD — The Association of... »

U.S. Demands Serbia ‘Immediately’ Release Three Detained Kosovar Police Officers

The United States has urged Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to immediately release three Kosovar police officers detained on what it... »

American Jewish Congress Applauds Adoption of IHRA Definition by the Republic of Kosova

New York, NY, June 9, 2023 – The American Jewish Congress applauds the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance... »

Albanians of America honor their martyrs

  By Merita B. McCormack Washington DC The 16th Annual Rroll Call of Nation – Wreath Laying Ceremony took place... »

Open Letter: Albanian-American Community Calls for U.S. State Department Firm Support for the Republic of Kosova

40+ #AlbanianAmerican community leaders, business leaders, academics, & practitioners from 10+ U.S. States call for greater U.S. State Department support... »

Buta Biberaj: An extraordinary journey from Albania to becoming the first female Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County in Virginia

By Ruben Avxhiu Buta Biberaj was only 3 year old when her family crossed the pond and immigrated to the... »

Raising Funds and Cancer Awareness, AFC Hits All the Right Notes at Boston Gala Concert

Rafaela Prifti To raise funds in order to benefit patients, caregivers, survivors, Albanians Fighting Cancer (AFC) USA hosted a concert... »