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The Council of Albanian Ambassadors calls on the international factor to maintain neutrality

Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the recent situation in the north of Kosova. The Council of Albanian... »

Washington goes full bore Belgrade

By Daniel Serwer Secretary of State Blinken today tweeted: We strongly condemn the actions by the Government of Kosovo that... »

What the State Department forgot to say

By Daniel Serwer This morning’s Chollet and Escobar pas de deux at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee demonstrated that the... »

The fraught relationship between Kosova and Serbia, a major obstacle to enduring peace and prosperity in the Western Balkans

 Testimony for Deputy Assistant Secretary Gabriel Escobar Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on U.S. Engagement in the Balkans May 18,... »

US Lawmakers Advance Legislation to Prosecute Russian War Crimes in Ukraine

WASHINGTON U.S. lawmakers are set to advance legislation Tuesday urging President Joe Biden to create a special tribunal that would... »

Well-known Albanian composer, Thomas Simaku, as completed his residency at Ithaca College New York

Thomas Simaku has completed his residency at Ithaca College New York, as part of his award The 2022-23 Karel Husa Visiting... »

The Kosova Hyland Peace Concert is coming to the Parthenon in Rome

Organized by the prestigious Bartolucci Foundation, sponsored by the Albanian Diaspora Business Network (ADBN), and supported by Illyria newspaper Ruben... »


TIRANA–Bardyl Rifat Tirana, 85, died at his home in Nyack on April 22, 2023, with his wife of 37 years,... »

The decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Another good news for Kosova

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomes the decision dated April 24, 2023, of the Committee of Ministers of the Council... »

Multilateralism has been and remains indispensable to promoting peace and stability

Remarks by Ambassador Ferit Hoxha at the Security Council Open Debate on Effective Multilateralism Let me start by thanking the... »

Does Love Overpower Defiance in the end? Visar Zhiti says: Yes

Rafaela Prifti At Michigan University Ann Arbor “Lets Save the Poems” was a one-hour talk by Visar Zhiti, a celebrated... »

Our relationship is with the people of Albania, not with one party and not with one person

Transcript of Interview of DAS Escobar with Grida Duma, Top Story, Top Channel Grida Duma: Mr. Escobar, welcome to Albania.... »

Pope Francis presides over Easter Sunday Mass

As the Church celebrates the most joyous day of the liturgical year, Pope Francis presides over Mass on Easter Sunday... »

Russians Accused of Doctoring Leaked Western Documents on Ukraine War  

Washington — Classified U.S. and NATO planning documents related to the war in Ukraine have appeared on social media, prompting officials... »

Fantasy diplomacy is failing to appease

By Daniel Serwer Chris Hill, the American Ambassador to Serbia, tweeted Friday: “I’ve dedicated my life to diplomacy – to... »

With your help, we can finally ensure justice for the Bytyqi family

Dear Friends and Community,I’ve mentioned to many of you a very resilient family that I’ve been working with for almost... »

Washington Says Drone Intercept Was Intentional As U.S., Russian Defense Ministers Hold Call

U.S. military officials said on March 15 that the intercept of a U.S. spy drone over the Black Sea by... »

Put away the carrots and take out the sticks

By Daniel Serwer Yesterday’s EU-hosted meeting between Serbian President Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti ended without signature of a... »


“Peace is achieved with the recognition of Kosova by Serbia, not with a mono-ethnic association” By MSc. Agim Aliçkaj         ... »

Make Kosova’s Independence Day An Official Holiday in Albania

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors proposes to the Assembly of the Republic of Albania that the Independence Day of the... »

The Days of Kosova in Croatia: Honoring the life and work of Prof. Zef Mirdita

By Lidija Bashota ZAGREB, CROATIA As part of the ongoing manifestation, The Days of Kosova in Croatia, Thursday evening, prior... »

Congratulations to our friend, partner, and ally

Press statement by Antony J. Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State on Kosova National Day On behalf of the United States... »

Ugly diplomacy in the Balkans

By Daniel Serwer Reposted from the original: https://www.peacefare.net/2023/02/15/ugly-diplomacy-in-the-balkans/ Today’s Serbia National Day message from the State Department includes this tidbit:... »

Well-deserved: A street name immortalizes Jim Xhema in Prishtina

By Harry Bajraktari NEW YORK Congratulations to my friend Jim Xhema for the great honors bestowed on him by the... »

The path Skanderbeg chose, a lesson for our times

Remarks by Altin Zaloshnja, a community leader and scholar, during the fundraising diner-gala, on the 555th anniversary of the death... »

Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the founding of the Association of Communes with Serbian Majority in Kosova

TIRANA The Council of Albanian Ambassadors (CAA) is following closely the developments related to the dialogue between the Republic of... »

A decent agreement still seems far off

By Daniel Serwer The US and EU are exterting a lot of pressure on Kosova Prime Minister Kurti to agree... »

Forever grateful: Remembering Senator Dole, on the first anniversary of his passing

By Harry Bajraktari It was an honor to participate, with our community and former Prime Minister of Kosova, Ramush Haradinaj,... »

U.S.-Albanian Leaders Discuss NATO, Bilateral Relations

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III met with Defense Minister Niko Peleshi met as the two nations marked the... »

U.S., Germany To Send Tanks To Ukraine Over Moscow Warnings; Kyiv Welcomes Moves

The United States and Germany have announced plans to send dozens of advanced battle tanks to Ukraine following intense debate... »